• Jo Anne,
    Thanks for pointing this out. I am working on this. The Ning doesn't seem to want to save my changes this morning.

    • Thanks for looking into this.

      • Joyce,
        I see that you've got the "TeacherLibrarian Network" in the badge now but mine still looks funny because the "k" in "network" goes onto a separate line. When I look at the badge on my home page it looks correct but when I go to get the badge for my website, this is where the k doesn't look good. Can that be changed?
    • Thanks Joyce - I was working on setting up my blog (yes, I am finally breaking through my fear of blogging, taking the inspiration from Liz Davis in facing my fears) and yesterday the badge was fine and today it was all wacky thinking that it was something that I did. Now I won't worry about that and move on to try and figure the rest of this out.
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