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At 4:09am on January 27, 2012, Mike McQueen said…

Greetings Brarian,


I'm Mike McQueen, teacher librarian and founder of Like many school districts, we are in a financial crises. Our school board recently proposed to eliminate ALL 20+ middle school teacher librarians and also cut all 90+ elementary schools to half time. Since we are the biggest district in all of Colorado, we worry this will cause other districts to follow suit.

We launched an online movement and are going to do our best to put up a good fight. If possible, please visit our Facebook page and "Like" us . Adding a positive comment and sharing with your friends would help our morale as well. The board finalizes the budget soon so your timely support would be greatly appreciated!


Mike McQueen
Teacher Librarian at McLain HS
Lakewood, CO

At 9:57pm on March 19, 2008, Buffy Hamilton said…
Nice to meet you, too! I hear Colorado is beautiful! I'm a native Georgian...interesting because native Georgians are now the minority in our state's overall population! Our state's population has increased dramatically in the last 10 years. I can't wait to read about Grab N' Gab on your blog later tonight or in the morning! Thank you for sharing! I also loved you post about the Spanish teacher using Voki---I will share this idea with our FL teachers. :-)

Does your district block Ning?

Also, sorry to keep asking you so many questions, but...

1. Can you tell me about that AP Biology Pill Bug project or point me to a blog post about it?

2. Also, Bud the Teacher on Twitter mentioned you had made a video; he said, "Watching @pgoerner use index cards to explain Twitter. Brilliant." Is this video posted somewhere? How cool!

OK...hopefully, I have not questioned you to death in the last 24 hours! Thank you! :-) Buffy
At 11:58am on January 5, 2008, Krissy Neddo said…
I signed up for a Yahoo account to make it. I then cropped it in a graphic editor. Yahoo has code for imbedding it ,but the size they give doesn't fit. I have a small farm and the kids like to hear about the chickens and pigs, so it was a good match. My fourth and fifth graders are using KidPix to make their avatars for the VoiceThreads, but Dream Avatar and DoppelMe have caught on with a few kids, too.
At 7:47pm on December 17, 2007, guybrarian said…
Today was the day I helped AP Bio students with their Pill Bug project. It was cool. They used a document camera to project their lab and introduce the task. It was very cool to see the dancing bugs on the wall, then walk over to the tiny box! (hey- I took pictures too!)
At 10:40pm on November 28, 2007, Nancy White said…
Hi! Did you see that I finally posted your message on the CASL blog? I am still figuring out how all these tools work. I didn't realize it was "waiting" for my approval. Sorry for the delay!
At 11:27pm on November 26, 2007, guybrarian said…
OK- haven't written for a while. Meeting with some PL's tomorrow to share collaboration ideas...should be interesting!
At 12:22am on November 14, 2007, guybrarian said…
Not much to report here- just getting ready for Book Buddies Wed 14th,...I hope to encourage them to do Voicethread reviews of their books. Also- anime club in the afternoon. Sounds tiring- I need to teach the last class of tech to our specialty school too!
At 11:34pm on August 28, 2007, guybrarian said…
Jen needs to have something for her high need Spcl Ed kids- I wonder what we could collaborate on?
At 11:34pm on August 28, 2007, guybrarian said…
Worked with John M today- he is helping his resource kids research their own disabilities and then write about them. He found some good links (specific disabilities) which made it easy for me to help out and put them on the web site.
At 11:33pm on August 28, 2007, guybrarian said…
Worked with Nikki in science today. She wants to set up Media stations in her room so that she can play streaming videos of scientists! This is hard to set up, but soooo cool!
At 11:29am on August 16, 2007, Mary J. Johnson said…
Hello, Guybrarian! I think I must have accidentally deleted your friend request when I first joined this ning, so now I hope you will accept me (with apologies from a beginner) as your friend. I'm excited that Nancy White has started a Colorado group.
At 11:54pm on August 15, 2007, guybrarian said…
OK- we have started. I worked with new teachers yesterday and discovered how lucky I am. I think they are all ripe to work with me so it should be fun. PLUS- Karol S. sent me one of her great teachers to work in the technology area. Yeah!

All teachers return tomorrow.
At 1:59pm on May 22, 2007, guybrarian said…
Just thought I share some news- I made the local paper! The did a nice story about our collaboration with teachers as a Power Library! Check it out...
At 9:12am on May 17, 2007, Jenn the Librarian said…
Hi guybarian, I see you are from Longmont and at the high school level, I am just down the road at Horizon HS. My library co-worker Sara is also from Longmont. Small world. Was thinking about organizing a high school librarian day-long powwow sometime next fall to talk about best practices, assessment, etc. Interested? I think it might be fun and interesting to talk with librarians in other districts. Let me know what you think.
At 10:12am on May 10, 2007, Nancy White said…
Thanks for the welcome! I have been hanging out on other Ning sites - mostly School 2.0 -and building a site for all of our district administrators. My longtime friend and mentor, also in Colorado, invited me to join this space! (
At 9:00am on May 5, 2007, guybrarian said…
OK- just saw that my blog entries went to the front page. I'll have to consider what I put on them carefully...If I put notes here- I can finally remember what I did?!
At 9:37am on April 25, 2007, guybrarian said…
ACT today- so while I'm not hall monitoring, perhaps I can make my last book order. Marians meet tomorrow- and I'm ready for 'em!
At 4:51pm on April 24, 2007, guybrarian said…
Too many SS presentations today. Some really met the mark. The teacher and I keep trying to re-evaluate how to make them better. Some day I'll have to tell you about the fabulous work in another SS class and Science. Rainy day....
At 10:24am on April 23, 2007, guybrarian said…
So- two weeks and we check out our last book! We are winding down the year- wow has this spring gone fast!
At 2:52pm on April 21, 2007, guybrarian said…
Had a very productive planning time with my buddy Carol P and Kimack yesterday. Carol and I are presenting at Technology in Education (CO) this summer. We used the FUTURE protocol from Critical Friends Groups to deign the framework for our workshop. It is shapping up!

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