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Inquiry Circles Book Group - starting soon!

Hi everyone. Please forgive my multiple postings of this notice!

As some of you may have heard on twitter, we are putting together a book group for teacher librarians and other educators. For our first book, we've decided to read "Comprehension and Collaboration: Inquiry Circles in Action" by Stephanie Harvey and Harvey Daniels. This book matches our current professional focus on inquiry, and promises to give all of us some practical ideas to implement in our schools. We hope this book will be relevant to all librarians, regardless of your school level.

Currently, this book is on sale from the publisher and offered with free shipping here:

We are planning to read the book over the winter break. I haven't quite decided how the discussions will be structured. I'd love any suggestions you have about starting dates or other points such as: should we have a weekly synchronous chat? If so, where? Should there also be a discussion board where you can post anytime? What other modes of communication would enable a rich discussion?

If you are interested in participating, please post your information here so I can keep you updated. (And if you have already posted your info to another book group post here on the Ning, once is great.) In the mean time, order the book and get ready for some great conversation!

Thanks, Beth Friese
Twitter: @librarybeth

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Hi Beth! Terrific idea. I can't wait to start. My email is and my twitter name is hhersey03. Thank you so much for organizing this!
I'm so excited! My Twitter handle is buffyjhamilton for those who may not be part of my Twitter PLN. I'm looking forward to learning with everyone here!
Hi, Beth! Who would think that our little Twitter conversation would lead to this! Can't wait to crack open this book!

Hi Beth,
I'm really interested in this book and hope it does a better job of showing how to engage kids in a lively "real" book discussion than their previous ones. I ran a program at school called Literary Club and "kissed a lot of frogs" who didn't turn into princes, as we tried various things, so I know it's not an easy "formula."

I've got commitments right after the New Year, so I vote for either compressing the book discussion during the break or spreading it out into a weekly discussion that goes along more slowly.

I just ordered the book and haven't seen it but suggest that the discussion be based on the way it's organized as well as preferred software tools. Also, you might take a look at how English Companion has been organizing its book discussions.
Hi Debbie.

Thanks for these helpful insights and ideas to follow up on. Lots to think about. I have looked a bit at the EC Ning discussions and have been really inspired by the level of participation they have achieved. I hope we can get that level of engagement here, too, and make some adjustments that play to our strengths as a community.

I really hope you can be part of the discussions. My inclination is that the discussion might be structured to be a bit more spread out after a concentrated startup over the break. Perhaps that might allow people to try some things out in their libraries as we go along, or at least think about how the ideas might (or might not) apply. I just got my copy of the book a couple of days ago. I'll be thinking along these lines as I thumb through it and think about different alternatives for planning.

We've opened up a Ning group to start organizing the activities for the book - I hope you'll join us over there!

Got my copy yesterday. Can't wait to join you guys!
Terrific! Click on the "Groups" tab when you're ready to start chatting -- and remember that this is everyone's book club, so feel free to add your own discussion questions!
I just ordered the book and look forward to exploring it with you all.
my twitter erniec
Sounds like a GREAT learning activity . . . I'm ordering my book today (suppose they'll offer any Black Friday discounts??)! My email address is and you can find me on Twitter as ksbrannock.
I am really interested in joining this discussion. Have just tried to order the book from the link you gave but unfortunately cannot without a US address. I have sent Heinemann an email requesting a quote for shipping to Hong Kong. I run Literature Circles but am looking for ways to make it more successful. Love the sound of Inquiry Circles. My twitter name is awalker007


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