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My K-5 library is currently empty of all books and furnishings (the ceiling and flooring were removed today!), as a renovation project has begun. When we move back into the newly painted and carpeted library in mid-July, I will have th opportunity to rearrange and redecorate. I would appreciate your sharing with the group descriptions and photos of your successful decorating ideas and themes .
Thank you!! Paula B.

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Througout my library I have about 20 6"x8" black frames on the walls. According to what's going on at the time, I put photos in them. The kids love it! They really do. I can also highlight poetry or trivia questions on different colord paper. Having these frames and changing their content regulary has made a big difference to our school library's ambience.

Hope this helps!

Ann Krembs
That's a great idea. I have very little wall space. However, I have about 4 feet from the ceiling to the top of the bookshelves. I send out an email to all the ELA teachers asking them to submit the names of their readers. The chosen students come to the library where I photograph them with a favorite book and then I write READ and the students name. Much like the posters that are available from ALA (I think). They use famous people, I use our students. This year I had a sixth grader who requested that her picture be placed next to her sisters...very cute.
I am a new librarian and my walls will be empty when I get back. Do librarians decorate with a theme in mind? Like apples, for Sept. What about the chair you read from? I will have a pit area for story. Our previous librarian had a big summerish rocking chair, that didn't stay. I think a good idea, but what about the price of the purchase? I, also, would love to see what everyone is doing. My library is PK-4. Thanks, Debbie B.
u got some Melvil Dewey stuff u wanna sell?

burlingame CA
As someone who HAS no esterior walls and only one very ugly, seriously in need of paint wall by the circulation desk, I found that Scene Setters, which are available at party stores, make a huge impact. The kids and staff both love it.
waht are scene setters? can you buy them online? The pic looks awsome!
I am in a pre-K, Kinder. library. I have a 2 step corner area where the children sit for story and teaching time. I have different colored and size paper lanterns hanging over this area. I got them at World Market Place....(which is now going out of business in our town).
I've created a name quilt for all my students. During the first lesson of the year, each student decorates a 3 inch square. I ask them to write their first names in the middle and then decorate with colors and patterns, but no pictures. The next week I get the first graders to sort the names by the first letter. I glue the squares in rouch alphabetical order to black posterboard then run the posterboards through the laminator. Then I staple the posterboards to the wall. The students never get tired of looking for their classmates'/siblings' names, commenting on how many students have their name, etc. I use it to teach alphabetical order and also as a visual representation of how many students visit the library. It also really impresses visiting teachers and administrators
In my library K-5, i asked different classes to choose their favourite story among the stories i have been reading to them. Then for each class i would design a template with a few questions from the story they have chosen. I made sure i get cover pages of those story books from the internet and include it on the template. I used coloured backing paper for each class's story. I did some good lettering of the words our favorite story then got a corner for each class and displayed them. It is intresting to read the different ideas from children about these stories. Good luck in your endeavours.

Our library aide is super creative and made some great decor for the shelves to promote various genres or



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