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I do an annual report and take notes throughout the year to remind myself of what to add. I'm interested in what people include within their reports and maybe possible alternative format ideas.
I am looking for new possibilities!
Also, who do you each share your report with?

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I include my library usage statistics-how many people use the library per day or per week and how many classes. I share anything I have presented, any grants awarded, and what "extras" I do-such as create/maintain the computer times sign ups. You might want to include what teachers you have collaborated with and what projects you worked on. June
I include statistics on use: number of visitors, number of classes & the lessons taught, number of computer log-ins (counted automatically). I compare the statistics with last year's and give a reason for why I think they or up or down.

I send the report to our district supervisor of information services, my principal & assistant principal, and the director of curriculum & instruction.
I am struggling with the idea of an annual report. We are working on reviving it in our district; and we want to relate it to how we positively impact student achievement, but alot of what we "count" doesn't really demonstrate that. I would also like a different format, engaging for those who do not know what we do and what it means to our students. Does anyone do video clips, if so, of what? Student statements?
I think this is a timely conversation!
My report follows our district handbook and is arranged into four categories: Information Literacy, Curriculum Support, Literature Appreciation and Library Administration. I also include sections on professional development and my vision for the following year. While I stick to those topics I try to vary the format from time to time by including photos, links to web pages I've put up on the school site, or creating an acrostic that ties the school library's name to what is happening. I start my annual report in September and add to it all year.
I like your four categories; and your vision statement. Do you consider your building's vision statement or building improvement plan? The acrostic sounds fun! Maybe I can find a student to do that for me. You sound organized to start in September, that would be a lofty goal for me.
Thanks for the good ideas.
We have school and district goals and I definitely refer to them when I write the report. The reason I start recording things in September is that I have a bad memory and also by the time I get to June, when things are really busy, the report is almost written.

I include major projects the students have been working on all year... from 8 classes of students working on science fair, 13 out of 16 classes working on History fair, etc.

Since this year was a major weeding year, I am including the number of books weeded (along with approximate replacement cost). Since I am the first TL at the school to do this in a while, I have weeded 500 books from the collection (almost all books before 1980 have been deselected). I include the average date of the collection and the number of fiction, informational, professional, and multimedia items.

I give the report to the usual suspects (Administration), but also give one to the Parent Avisory Committee who have donated $1500 to the library for the past two years (partly based on my report)
There was not a narrative annual report before I arrived, and I am not sure the administration embraced the drab table of statistics produced. There was never a required or requested annual report.

I conduct a collection analysis through Follett's Titlewise site and run a report through our circulation software. Then, I find the positive parts and include only them. I also include any major initiative or project that was highly visible and went well. It's a bit of marketing that keeps the library in the mind of the money holders just as budgets are finalized.
THANKS for all the help! Now, I get to mull all of the ideas!

I'm now wondering if there is benefit to announce the report publicly throughout the district (our district has a great e news system). I'm thinking, yes publicize it to everyone for the sake of library advocacy but I'm not sure if there are any cons to that idea.
A TL in a neighbouring district posted a link to "Celebrating our Secondary Teacher-Librarian Community" In the right-hand sidebar there are links to the 58 ways in which TLs work with staff and students to promote reading and information literacy. Apart from the great ideas within the pages I think it's a wonderful example of the myriad of things we do. The page titles gave me new possibilities to consider when compiling my annual report this year.
I know it's late, but I just posted mine. Hope it is helpful.


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